Buying A Stair Lift?

With the aging population of the US, the need for home accessibility equipment such as stair lifts has never been greater. If you’ve researched the subject at all, you’ve undoubtedly found dozens of Internet stair lift merchants and local contractors, all of whom claim to provide the best solution at the best price. Perhaps you feel confused by the options and terminology. Maybe you’re scratching your head over the wide range of prices for stair lifts that look pretty much the same.

Stairlifts.co is your guide to the ins and outs of choosing a stair lift for your home. This site was created by Craig Jones, owner of Country Home Elevator in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. He has lived most of his professional life in the field of accessibility, and has experience on all sides of the stair lift industry.


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About Craig Jones

Craig S. Jones, CET-S, is an accessibility industry professional with over two decades of experience. He is owner of Country Home Elevator in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, which he founded in 2001. Should you decide to contact Country Home Elevator for your accessibility needs, Craig or one of his experienced salesman will be more than happy to assist you.